The realization of long-lasting products thanks to a comprehensive solution in plastic injection

Ïoképlastic offers a comprehensive solution in plastic injection in the Loire Valley. Whether you are an industrialist, a wholesaler or an editor of plastic products, delegating the realization of plastic injection products allows you to conduct your business and to conquer new markets serenely and safely.

We are at your side in the framework of a co-development project and secure all its phases. In order to guarantee you a quick return on investment, particularly in the fields of childcare, aeronautics, medical and industry.

By your side, in achieving your objectives

We implement the design and production of our customers' parts as quickly as possible, taking into account their technical choices. We adapt to our customers' needs and have flexible and responsive teams.

We are proactive, if applicable, to bring a response that goes beyond the expectations of our customers. Continuous improvement and innovation are rooted in our DNA, with an appetite for complex and daring projects.

Did you know ?

Ïoképlastic can help you bring small series to market very quickly.

YOUR comprehensive plastic injection solution

We combine our human, technical and organizational skills to study, analyze, create, test and distribute your plastic products. The search for added value and competitiveness for your products is fundamental:

  • integration of functions,
  • use of high performance materials,
  • innovative injection technologies

1. In compliance with the specifications, we manage feasibility studies

Productivity, product development, cost optimization and logistics studies.

2. Then come the prototype phases (parts and/or tools)

Design and production of tools up to their finalization, finishing and logistics.

3. We also guide you in the choice of materials.

A very large choice of thermoplastics meets all your needs. The choice of material will be defined according to your specifications, the mechanical properties, the environment of use and the necessary certifications.

What are the advantages of the Global Management of your project?

Limiter les risques sur les machines, les outillages


  • Freed from production constraints, technical or logistical concerns, your deliveries are smooth and regular
  • Your product is delivered according to the requested deadlines and to the intended recipients
  • You save time and reduce your transport costs with the relocation of your production


Optimiser les coûts d'investissement


  • You are more flexible and competitive to meet the demands of a fluctuating market
  • You reduce your wage costs while accelerating your customer satisfaction and productivity
  • You secure your supply of plastic parts through the structured construction of your project
  • You reduce your material purchasing costs


  • You refocus on your core business
  • Your peak loads are absorbed thanks to the mobilization of our presses 7 days a week
  • You benefit from an on-demand and uninterrupted production line
  • You increase your production capacity and your reactivity