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Job offers in the plastics industry in the Centre Val de Loire: We are looking for men and women who are committed to customer satisfaction

The plastic injection activity is very lively in Centre Val de Loire. In order to meet the present and future technological challenges, Ïoképlastic regularly hires employees of all generations. Our job offers in the plastics industry are varied.

Did you know that the employee’s turnover is lower than the average one in the plastics industry? A very attractive working place.

It's good to work at Ïoképlastic

Ïoképlastic is a human-sized company. Its recruitment approach is based on a human resources policy centered on the development of each person's skills in a collaborative mode. Customer satisfaction is our motto.

Ïoképlastic values

The organization and work methods favor and encourage involvement, participation, initiative, cooperation, agility, responsiveness and innovation.

We are looking for agile profiles, with a strong capacity for change, who are willing to test, evolve and grow with us.

  • Trust : Being authentic and respecting our commitments.
  • Courage : Being bold and taking responsibility for our decisions
  • Agility : Being proactive and reactive, and anticipating our customers' needs
  • Setting an example : Being exemplary to improve the quality of our relationships


Ïoképlastic assets

Think Outside the box

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We love personalities who don't want to limit themselves to one activity.

That's why we allow our employees to explore both the operational parts of the workshop and the reflection phases in the design office.

We encourage individual expression of talent while ensuring that everyone is respected and that actions converge.

Personalized integration program

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Our recruitment policy guarantees respect for the principles of objectivity, ethics and non-discrimination.

Our new employees are accompanied on an individual basis.

Multidisciplinary skills

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Plastic injection requires multiple skills.

We welcome all types of positions: operators, technicians, logistics specialists, sales representatives, administrative employees, financial officers, project managers...

Training & Skills upgrade

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The management and development of our employees' skills are strategic work leads at Ïoképlastic. They aim at building, with the employees, career paths that correspond to their professional aspirations and to the company's development projects.

Job mapping, job descriptions, annual interviews and training plans are the main tools of this approach.

The company encourages internal mobility within the framework of individual development paths.

Ïoképlastic, actor of the professional integration

  • Work-study & Internships: As a player in the field of professional integration, Ïoképlastic welcomes employees on work-study programs and interns in order to help them in their training project. Thanks to close links developed with schools and learning centers in the region. Each trainee is accompanied by a tutor.
  • Professional equality: Year after year, Ïoképlastic is proud to be able to justify an Equality Index for women and men close to 100%.
  • Disability: We pay special attention to people with disabilities

Available positions

At all levels, you will be part of the production process and of an innovative company. Ïoképlastic is a BPI Excellence - French Fab - France Relance - GIFAS (Groupement des Industries Françaises Aéronautiques et Spatiales) partner.

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