Ioké plastic injecteur de pièce plastique en petites et moyennes séries à Tours

The specialist in small and medium series plastic injection in Tours

Located in Savigné sur Lathan in the Indre et Loire region, Ïoképlastic is a specialist in the injection of plastic parts, particularly for small and medium-sized series.

It is also an expert in bio-based materials, with a specificity in biopolymers. Advocating a responsible and committed plastics industry, the company is constantly evolving towards a plastic injection that creates values.

Quality management

Since its creation in 1973, Ïoképlastic has been focusing on continuous improvement and quality management at the service of human development. Certified ISO 9001:2015, it is a company where talents are put at the service of the customer satisfying their needs and fulfilling their project, in a collective spirit. Very active in recruitment, new human and technical skills are constantly being added.

A history and a location

1973 Creation Ioképlastic

1988 Establishment of Ioképlastic in LANGEAIS

2001 Expansion of our facilities in SAVIGNE SUR LATHAN

2002 Development of the bi-injection process in our processes

2004 Obtaining of the ISO 9001 v2000 certification

2017 Taking over of Ioképlastic by David RIGAUD

2018 Obtaining of the ISO 9001 v2015 certification

2019 Integration of a new ERP

Strength: Knowing how to manage small series.

In addition to productions of 500,000 or 1 million parts, many of our customers need small series, sometimes 3,000 parts or even less. However, the manufacturing of these small series depends on the manpower, the change of tool, of press, the start-up time or the use of materials.

Ïoképlastic answers these specific needs and accompanies its customer, whatever their request. Our main concern is the quality of the product and customer satisfaction. From a small box to the front of a truck, all products come out of our presses.

Respond to all customer needs

To remain as close as possible to the needs of our industrial customers and distributors, we master the main plastic injection molding processes: single-material injection, dual-material injection, and overmolding of inserts. For small series in good material, we can offer the injection with prototype mold.

What defines us

Responsible and committed plastic injection made in France

Plastiques de haute performance

Your development at the heart

of our general business management


or recycling of materials

A human

and technical know-how

A demanding industrial customer basis

The company is particularly well known for its expertise in the childcare, aeronautics and medical sectors. It accompanies its other customers in fields as varied as construction, design, food processing, electricity, nuclear power, transport, sports, pet supplies and household appliances.

Development of childcare products

Ïoképlastic is also a manufacturer of childcare products: potty, toilet seat reducers. We develop ranges of seat and toilet boosters, bath rings and bathtubs. These products are proposed with bio-based materials.

Sustainable plastic injection

Also labeled MORE - "MObilized to REcycle" - it sources recycled plastics in its production. For a better future, Ïoképlastic has made innovation part of its DNA.

We ensure a reliable global sourcing to the end customer. And this for the supply of all the elements necessary for the realization of its parts, packaged products and ready for sale. A committed and professional team takes care of the global needs of its customers around the plastics industry.

A network of quality supplier

We rely on a network of trusted suppliers. These technological partners of local origin have been referenced, audited and tested by us: - Small tonnages - Rotomolding - Mold design - Painting - Machining - Gluing.

Groupement d’Achat des Plasturgistes GAP

And for the organizational part, being an actor involved in purchasing policy, we are also part of the GAP (Groupement d'Achat des Plasturgistes), which provides us with expertise and a supporting community.

Our values

Ioke Plastic valeurs confiance


To be authentic, caring, supportive, respecting our commitments, working towards a common goal

Ioke Plastic valeurs courage


To be bold and take responsibility for our decisions. We either win or we learn

Ioke Plastic valeurs agilité


To be proactive and reactive, to anticipate the needs of our customers, and to go beyond their expectations

Example setting

Let's apply to ourselves what we expect from others to improve the quality of our relationships and differentiate ourselves