Use of bio-based materials

Reducing the petroleum product footprint

In the childcare, aeronautics, medical and industrial sectors, making energy and CO2 savings through decarbonisation has become a priority. We didn't wait for the trend to take hold. When La Week'Up sought to produce an eco-friendly and reusable packaging for its cup, Ïoképlastic ensured the development and production in France of the reusable and bio-based box.


Our company was a pioneer in the production of plastic parts based on biopolymers (plant, algal, animal and fungal polymers from biomass).

A wide range of bio-based materials:

Hemp, Reed, Oyster shells, Cork, Potato peelings, Cellulose - Starch (plant polysaccharides)... are used for the manufacture of food or general containers, or washable meal trays. 

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